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We manufacture a number of our own components and control units for our automated gates and barrier arms in-house, as well as sourcing top quality components to give you, the customer the best product at the best price.

Should you require new gates or barrier arms for your project, we have our own prefered manufacturer who can design and create a product to your required specifications, and to the highest of standards.


Our qualified technicians can install your new automation system from start to finish - from trenching and cabling to replacement gate and barrier arm instalation if required. We see the job through to it's final completion, then we run a series of tests and checks to ensure the system runs perfectly, every time.


As with any mechanical device, regular servicing will help to prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns and failures.

We offer testing, servicing and repairs for all gates and barrier arms, and their related electronic systems and components. No matter what brand, or who they were previously installed or serviced by, we can get your gates up and running, and keep them up and running.

With many years experience in the gate automation industry, we understand that our customers insist upon quality, value for money, and reliability - our range of automation products delivers all of this and more.

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About Withington Electrical Ltd

Simon Withington, Managing Director.

Withington Electrical Ltd started 15 years ago as an electrical contracting firm with a strong engineering and mechanical background. By combining many talents we now specialize in electric automatic gates.

Withington Electrical Ltd is the BFT distributor and service agent in the Wellington region, allowing us to supply and service a wide range of automation, covering a huge range of gates.

Our scope of products and services goes beond the domestic end of automation, we also cover the heavy industrial and commercial end as well, including a number of commercial clients, correctional facilities, NZ Police and Embassies.

BFT is an Italian company who make stylish and high quality products on a world scale, with agents around the globe. With the vast product range in gate automation available from BFT, as well as what we manufacture ourselves, there probably isn't a gate that can't be automated. All of our products are of a robust construction, suited for high security areas and having enclosures which are hot dip-galvanized for rust protection.

From a large commercial range to an equally comprehensive domestic range, we also offer security access controls and intercoms. The large and ever expanding range of control circuitry offers far greater flexibility for customer requirements than ever before. This is why we have stayed with BFT, because unlike some other brands BFT's quality and reputation sells itself.

Unlike some other agents, we will also repair other makes of automated gates. As we have being involved with other makes from time to time, it keeps us at the forefront of gate servicing and installation.

In recent times we have expanded our business into manufacturing commercial automatic gate systems. We are currently manufacturing high speed sliding gate automation systems for larger gates, as well as carpark barrier arms. Upcoming projects include developing high speed swing gate automation for larger commercial gates.

Having had experience with various other brands we were able to take the good points from several machines and design what has proven to be a superior type of automation; it is robust, fast and for high usage areas, and fills a void in products that other manufacturers don't produce.

For Withington Electrical Ltd, quality is paramount. To ensure maximum reliability and performance we use high quality components, however as a small manufacturer we don't have the overheads and higher costs of the larger firms, hence the product is competitively priced or even lower priced to similar products available. Likewise for barrier arms, better rust protection and using speed drive technology means less moving parts and more reliability.

As previously mentioned, we use Speed Drive technology and PLC (programable Logic Contral) behind our automation, meaning that if required we can customize software for any solution. However with the features already included as standard, we have vertually overcome the need for customization.

Please take a look through the site for some of my gate automation installations, and check out the high speed automation section, and if you require any further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Simon Withington

Managing Director, Withington Electrical Ltd

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