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Frequently asked questions

Q. Can you automate my existing gate?
A. Generally yes. If the gate is in good condition i.e. swings or slides easily, the BFT/HSGA range will have a product to suit almost all types of gates. Please contact us and we can arrange for a gate inspection and quote.

Q. Do you make gates?
A. No. We specialise in gate automation, however if you tell us what type of gate you would like (wooden, aluminum, wrought iron etc.) we can arrange to have a gate made by one of the appropriate gate makers that we deal with.

Q. Do I need to arrange for any other contractors if I decide to have gates automated by Withington Electrical Ltd?
A. No. We can manage the whole job for you from quoting, design, installation and testing, right through to future maintenance, should the need arise.

Q. What about gates for secure areas - can you do this?
A. Yes. Amongst our client base is the NZ Corrections Dept, NZ police and a variety of embassies and security conscious companies.

Q. Do I need 'High Speed' Automation?
A. Not always, but it is recommended for high traffic flow areas, for long or wide gates, or if you require access either in or out of your area with minimal delay.

Q. I'm thinking about getting automatic gates in the future. What do I need to do before my new dwelling or driveway goes in?
A. Just contact us. As we are qualified electricians, we can pre-install the ducting and cabling for you, or alternatively we can explain to you or your current electrician what is required.

Q. Can you fix any brand of automatic gate?
A. Yes. Over the years we've dealt with a wide variety of different automation.

Q. How much does it cost to get automatic gates?
A. Unfortunately we can't put a figure on this, as each and every application is different. We are happy to arrange for a quote, just use our contact form to arrange a time for a quote.

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