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High Speed Gate Automation

Our high speed automatic gates have been designed for simple installation, setup, and operation. One of the biggest features is in the logic for both, which can potentially reduce many callouts after power failure. If you are contemplating a gate project no matter how big or small, get in touch - we'd love to help!

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We manufacture a number of our own components and control units for our automated gates and barrier arms in-house, as well as sourcing top quality components to give you, the customer the best product at the best price.

Should you require new gates or barrier arms for your project, we have our own preferred manufacturer who can design and create a product to your required specifications, and to the highest of standards.


Our qualified technicians can install your new automation system from start to finish - from trenching and cabling to replacement gate and barrier arm installation if required. We see the job through to it's final completion, then we run a series of tests and checks to ensure the system runs perfectly, every time.

Maintenance & servicing

As with any mechanical device, regular servicing will help to prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns and failures.

We offer testing, servicing and repairs for all gates and barrier arms, and their related electronic systems and components. No matter what brand, or who they were previously installed or serviced by, we can get your gates up and running, and keep them up and running.

With many years experience in the gate automation industry, we understand that our customers insist upon quality, value for money, and reliability - our range of automation products delivers all of this and more.

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Why choose High Speed Gate Automation

Withington Electrical Ltd. has designed and manufactures a range of commercial gate automation with simplicity in mind.
Proven Durability of these Robust products has seen this automation installed in Prisons, Police stations, Embassies to everyday commercial sites around New Zealand. As we make this automation here in New Zealand we offer free local tech support and advice on product choice for your next installation. Buying directly from the manufacturer your getting the best price every time with direct wholesale sales.
So for your next commercial gate automation installation as us for a free no obligation quote for any of the feature automation products.
For sales enquires or more information contact us. Or you can download a introductory PDF here.

High Speed Sliding Gate Automation


Basic HSGA 1 Basic HSGA 1

1000kg Basic: This is a general purpose commercial high speed slide gate motor for speeds up to 600mm or 1000mm per second for gates up to 1000kg in weight. Robust galvanised 3mm steel case, adjustable quick release clutch and 1hp motor the inverter controller provides soft start and stop for reduced wear and tear. We can also make a Basic 2500kg model as well on application.

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1000kg HSGA 1 1000kg HSGA 2

2000kg Advanced: Just like the 1000kg version but with a bigger gearbox and a big 2hp drive motor. For large gates up to 2500kg at 600mm+ per second. All slide gates must be able to be pushed with minimal load for optimum performance.

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High Speed Swing Gate Automation


4 to 6 metre: Two models for swing gates up to 4 and 6 meters up to 350kg. Fast opening speed using our inverter controllers (8 seconds for a 4m). Soft starting and stopping for smooth running. Industrial motors and gearboxes. 0.18kw and 0.24kw three phase motors. 230 volt single phase required. Standard motors available for standard gate controllers. Heavy duty galvanised swing arms and chassis with tough aluminium lockable covers. Very high duty cycle for commercial. Easy crank handle release for manual opening. Easy set limit switch cams for open and closed positions. Pre wired and programmed inverter controllers for single and twin swing gates. Compatible with any remote control/access system or vehicle detector.


Barrier Arms

Barrier arm 1 Barrier arm 2

Two common sizes 2.5m and 5m with fast opening speeds of 2.5 seconds and 4 seconds, durable aluminium cases with soft starting and stopping. These barriers have few moving parts for less maintenance and up to 1000 operations in 24 hour period.

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Wireless Keypads

RF keypad

Weather proof and robust incredibly easy to programme and set up, rolling code wireless communication for higher security. Use our remote controls to also communicate with the receiver for a complete access package.

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Wired Keypads

Weather proof and robust. Weather proof and UV stabilised. Two relay outputs. Latching and or momentary contacts. Multi voltage up to 24v AC or DC. Easy to program. Output indication Led's for both channels. Up to 20 four digit user codes.

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Vehicle Loop Detectors

loop detect 1ch loop detect 2ch

I now stock Zomtech digital single and dual vehicle loop detectors.

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Drop Bolt Solenoid Gate Locks

drop bolt

Drop bolt locks for heavy duty gates made from 316 stainless steel in several voltages 24 ac and dc or 230v ac with manual key override.

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Cantilever Gate Brackets

cantilever bracket

For a more cost efficient cantilever system for gates up to 500kg utilizes off the shelf steel wheels and floor track.

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Safety Sensor

Safety Sensor

Universal photo electric safety sensors for automatic gates and doors 12-24v ac or dc with a range of 15m. Dimensions of 50mm height 76mm wide and a depth of 22mm. NO/NC relay output 1amp rated at 30v.


Remote Control and Receivers

Outside Reciever Remote

Now Stocking 4 button remote controls and 2 channel receivers suitable for automatic gates and doors or anything else which you want to remotely control. Receivers are any voltage up to 24v ac or dc and has a transmit frequency of 433.92MHZ.


Wireless Colour Video Intercom

Video Intercom

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Commercial Door Controller

Commercial Door ControllerCommercial Door Controller

Commercial 230v or 400v up to 750w rated logic door controllers, remote receiver included. For when door is to be controlled by an access system, has auto close and safety beam input and limit switch features. We also have 550w sectional door motors.


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